About us

Legal Wing is engaged in innovation within the corporate legal domain on a daily basis. We firmly believe that Legal Tech is an indispensable tool for process efficiency, but it should never be the objective. Our goal is to make legal processes more efficient and accurate and the work of lawyers more enjoyable.

Understanding Legal Tech and effectively utilizing are two completely different worlds. As innovative and experienced legal experts, we identify common challenges and bring the world of legal and technology together into one service. This is how we make Artificial Intelligence solutions available to every organisation.

At Legal Wing we strongly believe in the powerful combination of people and technology. Everything we do starts with a human aspect to understand how your organisation and legal workflows are set up, to connect with each other and to interpret your operational process. By humanizing the kick-off, we guarantee the quality of the best software solutions to fit your needs.

Legal Wing is a spin-off of The ROOM, which has been the driving force behind technological progress in the conservative M&A world for over 20 years. Otto Wilten (founder of the ROOM and co-founder of data room provider Virtual Vaults) shares his knowledge and experience in the field of automatic data extraction and analysis to go beyond the M&A market. Through close collaboration, Legal Wing can rely on decades of knowledge about innovation within the legal domain.

We are your Legal Wing